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Hi My name is Cheryl. I started this web site because I have a concernfor the environment.
I am a frugal sort of a gal. My whole purpose is to promote products that I have used and like.
I am picky and I won't promote just anything.

I have tried products and even promoted it for a short period of time but when I found out that it
wasn't the best or didn't fully deliver, I stopped promoting it.

The products that I no longer promote just don't meet my standard. I will not say anything bad
about any product. The criteria that I promote products by are mine and mine alone.
Remember I said that I am a frugal gal. If I find a product that is less expensive and
delivers the same quality, it doesn't mean that the other product is inferior it just means
that I found the same quality at a lower cost.
We found that we like the products on the left because they really explain how to make a system.
Check them out.

More About Us.

We have both worked at fortune 500 companies.
I have a background in the battery industry in public relations.
My husband was an engineer at a company that made electrical equipment for the power companies.
One day we just decided enough was enough. We moved to the southwestern United States and decided
to live a simpler more relaxed lifestyle which included going GREEN

My husband and I are do-it-yourselfers for the most part.
I have sided and roofed a house, remodeled several bathrooms, and flipped a house where we took it
out to the bare studs and put it all back together.
Now we are working on some solar stuff to cut our electric and gas bills.
My hubby does most of the technical work and I help a little because I don't understand it all.
I do all the promotion because he is one of those gEEky guys that can't talk to the general public
without boring them to tears.