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The science of getting rich


Did you ever read the book called the Secret or watch the movie by the same name?

I gained a fascination about it that is actually paying off.

After doing a bunch of experimenting with what they had to say in the movie, I started looking
at the subliminal things that were depicted. 

The green light, the book.  I could go on and on. 

I looked at what they were trying to bring out and on the surface it looked like the movie was just saying
ask for it and you will get it. 

We have been taught throughout our childhood we can’t have everything that we put our eyes on. 

In our daily lives we look at something and say oooohhhhh if only I were rich.

The Secret talks about the law of attraction and that is a powerful thing.  The down side is that it only goes so far.

I dug deeper...Read More

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The Science of Getting Rich

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